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How to Choose the Right Leadership Honor Society for You

Whether you’re currently in college or are about to start, getting involved in your school is a valuable opportunity to build lasting connections and learn important lessons. While there is a wide variety of clubs and organizations to choose from, a leadership honor society is a wise investment in your personal and professional growth.

What Is a Leadership Honor Society?

A leadership honor society is similar to a typical college honors society in that it rewards past academic achievements. It also includes a leadership development program that prepares you for your career. These societies teach leadership skills such as strategic and critical thinking, communication, organization, and more soft skills that are highly sought after by employers and that many people don’t possess.

Typically, both college honor societies and leadership honor societies are membership-based organizations and may require a membership fee.

How to Find the Right Leadership Honor Society

When selecting a leadership honor society, you want to choose one that makes your investment worthwhile. Select a program that offers a well-rounded membership experience. They should provide plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network, improve your leadership skills, and find career success. 

Conduct research to find the right fit. Review student success stories and testimonials, verify that they’re accredited, and look into the value they provide to their members. 

To find a leadership honor society with integrity, ensure they offer these critical qualities:

A Variety of Events

A critical component of leadership development is networking — both with leaders and peers. Look for societies that understand the importance of expanding your professional network and actively work to help you build it by hosting networking events.

Other functions outside of networking-specific events such as fundraisers, service projects, and socials can also be a valuable way to build your network and connect with success-oriented peers. 

Professional Development Opportunities

Hands-on experience is one of the best ways to hone your leadership skills. The leadership honor society you choose should offer plenty of opportunities to get real-life experience through internships. They should also provide mentorship opportunities that deliver valuable coaching and feedback from experienced leaders. 

In addition, their curriculum should provide training and assessments to help members learn their leadership styles and improve essential leadership skills. 


Accreditation ensures your investment of time and money is well spent. This guarantees an educational approach with a high-quality, thorough curriculum. It also shows that various esteemed accrediting organizations have confirmed the program’s credibility. Being a member of a nationally recognized, reputable leadership honor society will help you get the most out of your experience and ensure that your resume stands out from the crowd.

Why Sigma Alpha Pi (NSLS) Is the Right Fit for You

Sigma Alpha Pi, primarily known as the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), offers a robust membership program that gives students the experience of a lifetime. As the largest and only accredited leadership honor society in the nation, the NSLS has helped millions of students achieve personal growth and career success. 

At the NSLS, members are offered a wide range of exclusive, sought-after member benefits, including but not limited to: 

  • An online job bank 
  • Scholarships and awards 
  • Personalized letters of recommendation
  • Free gifts and partner discounts
  • Mentorship and coaching 
  • Various events
  • Access to the Speaker Series, where renowned world leaders share their insight and advice 

With chapters at over 700 campuses across the nation, you can get involved in the NSLS easily. If there’s no chapter at your university, you can start one yourself through their internship program or become a member of the online chapter. 

Apply to become a member of the NSLS today.