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How the NSLS Improves the College Experience

By Josh Hrala

One of the best things about college is that you have the ability to not only learn through traditional coursework, but also by joining clubs and societies on campus that can improve your college experience. 

While these extracurricular groups come in many forms, joining a leadership honor society like The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is a great way to stand out among your peers, learn vital skills to help launch your career, and work with other students to achieve your goals.

Let’s dig into a few of the ways the NSLS can help make the college experience better while also setting you up for future success.


The benefit of clubs and organizations on campus is that they give you a chance to connect with students who you may never meet otherwise. 

A leadership honor society like the NSLS goes one step further by connecting you with other success-driven peers who may become part of your network well into the future, while also helping you achieve your goals over the course of your college experience.

Collaboration is at the heart of NSLS programming, meaning you will work alongside others to complete goals, network, and much more. 

The best thing is that NSLS chapters have the ability to operate as members see fit. For example, some chapters meet remotely while others prefer an in-person or hybrid format. This flexibility allows members to stay connected throughout their entire NSLS journey.


One of the best things a leadership honor society offers is a proven way to learn and develop key soft skills that are vital for long-term success. These skills include, but are not limited to:

Not only are these soft skills—AKA human skills—all needed to become a great leader, but they’re also the most sought after by employers. By joining a leadership honor society, you can develop these skills in a friendly, collaborative environment that will set you apart from others in the workforce.

These skills aren’t just vital for your career. They also help you become a leader outside of the classroom or boardroom, empowering you to become a positive force at home and in your local community.


Learning how to set and achieve goals is one of the best things anyone can learn. Goals come in many shapes and sizes, but knowing how to tackle them and how to support others as they tackle their own, is a skill that lasts a lifetime. 

By utilizing the SMART goal-setting technique and working with other members progressing through the Foundations of Leadership program, NSLS members hold each other accountable, help each other overcome obstacles, and motivate one another to achieve greatness. 

Once someone understands how to achieve goals in this way, the sky's the limit. Countless members have taken what they’ve learned at the NSLS and applied it to their communities, creating a positive impact felt by many. 

You can read our NSLS success stories here. Here's some of our recent favorites:


These are just a few ways that the NSLS can maximize your college experience. The NSLS offers a great way to connect with fellow students but unlike the rest, we also help members become motivated leaders who can inspire and uplift those around them to create a better world. 

To learn how we’ve empowered over 1.5 million members from over 700 schools. No NSLS chapter at your school? Find out how to start one.