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As a college administrator, you wear a lot of hats and we’re here to assist you with your growing workload. We know engaging and retaining your students is not a one-person job, which is why we offer chapter success to help maximize your time and efforts. When you start an NSLS chapter on your campus, you’ll get a dedicated Chapter Success Manager who will train you on how to implement your leadership program, provide extra student support, as well as supply marketing materials to help generate interest.

Student Success


Our program helps you attract and develop new student leaders, boost engagement, increase retention, and involves faculty in student development.

We’ll guide you through the process and help you run your NSLS chapter seamlessly, with:

  • Regularly scheduled calls.
  • Access to a dedicated area on the website to manage your chapter.
  • Training on setting up a student executive board.
  • Free regional conferences for you to attend to learn best practices and network with other chapter advisors.
  • Tools to promote and track attendance for your events, including full-color glossy posters, flyers, press releases, promotional emails, personalized invitations to students and assistance in getting faculty support.

The NSLS provides you with everything you need to build the leadership, career, and life skills of students on your campus from start to finish. Our world-class, accredited leadership development program saves you valuable time so you can seamlessly implement it across your organization.

  • Leverage technology that allows you to track, capture, organize, and build community with students through your admin portal.
  • Use ready-to-go content, including videos and presentations.
  • Offer member benefits such as scholarships, an online job bank, and a personalized recommendation letter.
  • Encourage sustainability through grants, cash-back programs, and best-practices based discounts.

The Chapter Success Team effortlessly connects chapter leaders to their members through NSLS programs and resources. We foster continuous chapter growth through consistent member recruitment and provide curriculum and events that keep students engaged. To enable chapter success, we distribute induction kits, handle account renewals, and regularly communicate program updates.

Get Started


Interested in learning more about our program and how it can work for your campus? Connect with us by filling out a form or scheduling a time to chat. If you have any concerns about funding, please share this with our team, as there are grants and financial support options available.

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