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The NSLS is dedicated to helping students hone their leadership abilities, develop professional competencies, and distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive job market. We provide a wealth of resources to help students reach their goals, including access to scholarships, an online job bank, a personalized letter of recommendation, and more.

Our leadership certification training prepares students to stand out to employers and become proficient, impactful leaders. While students work toward their future success, parents can stay connected to their student's journey, gain insight into part of their college experience, and benefit from exclusive discounts at thousands of major brands nationwide.


of members believe the NSLS
positively impacted their likelihood of 
achieving their life goals.


of members consider the NSLS to be
a valuable resource in helping
them achieve future career success.


of members believe NSLS has impacted their likelihood of landing their job of
their choice upon graduating.

The NSLS Gives Your Student a Competitive Edge

Leadership Certification

Members participate in a five-step leadership program to earn their certification. This includes small group networking sessions and the opportunity to learn from the nation's top leaders.

Job Bank

Members can apply for jobs and gain exclusive access to employers seeking to hire NSLS members.

Letters of Recommendation

Inducted members receive a personalized letter of recommendation for employers and graduate schools.


Partner Discounts

Members save money each year with exclusive discounts from thousands of nationwide brands.

Communication Training

Members identify their own communication style through our communication assessment tool (DiSC),  and learn to recognize and appreciate other styles.

Leadership Collection

Members watch and learn from our online interview series with career experts sharing lessons on how to flourish in their existing career or land their dream job.

Scholarships & Awards

Funding For Your Student's Future

Don’t let financial obstacles get in the way of your student’s success. Our goal is to help our diverse community of members gain access to more than $400,000 in scholarships annually.

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Parents and the NSLS

At the time of your student's enrollment, we provide you the opportunity to access pieces of the NSLS leadership development program and experience it for yourself. You’ll receive insight on what your student is experiencing and connect with them through the NSLS. This parent offering also includes access to exclusive content, member benefits, and money-saving offers from leading national brands.