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Four Things You Will Learn through the NSLS Induction Process

As a soon-to-be-inducted member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), or just a simply curious student, it’s likely you’re wondering what you’ll learn through our Steps to Induction – and how following these steps can help you during your college and professional career. 

Here are four things you can expect to learn during our induction process and how they can benefit you in the long run.

Four Learning Outcomes You Can Expect from the NSLS Steps to Induction

When you accept your nomination, you must complete our Steps to Induction to gain access to our NSLS-exclusive benefits.

Our leadership development curriculum is weaved into these steps, so you can be assured that every part of the process has been carefully planned and curated to provide a beneficial learning experience. 

The Steps to Induction are as follows: 

  1. Orientation. This is where you'll get introduced to the program and your campus chapter.
  2. Leadership Training Day. This day is meant to help you learn more about yourself, and learn how to identify goals and overcome obstacles.
  3. Speaker Broadcasts. These events give you a chance to hear from some of the world's most renowned figures in leadership.
  4. Success Networking Teams. You will meet with a small group of peers, set goals, and hold each other accountable throughout the semester. 
  5. Induction. This is where you’ll celebrate your success in completing these steps and becoming an official member of the NSLS.

These steps are designed to give you a thorough understanding of the NSLS and what we stand for, as well as teach you valuable soft skills that aren’t taught in the classroom.

Learn about the NSLS

One of the first things you will learn during orientation is more about the NSLS, our history, goals, values, culture, and what we have planned for the semester. 

You'll also get to meet fellow members of your school’s chapter and connect with your peers and leaders.

At the NSLS, we’re big on community and connection, so there will be plenty of opportunities to experience that out throughout your membership.

Learn about Yourself

It’s important to take a step back and evaluate where you are in relation to your overall career goals and make sure you’re taking steps to meet those objectives.

As you complete the Steps to Induction, you’ll focus on your personal goals. You’ll write out achievable steps you can take toward these goals and have a Success Networking Team (SNT) that helps you learn how to hold yourself and others accountable to these goals. 

In addition to learning about goal-setting and identifying your own aspirations, you will also get a good idea of your skills, strengths, and weaknesses so that you can get better outcomes in every situation.

You will learn more about your communication and collaboration style, how you prefer to lead, and what goal-setting techniques work for you.

Once you know what you’re good at and where you need to improve, you can take actionable steps toward personal development, which will help you overcome obstacles you may face as you pursue your goals.

Master the Art of Networking

Networking is beneficial for a few reasons. The people you meet along the way have different perspectives and opinions that can open your eyes to a new and improved way of thinking.

You may meet someone who becomes a mentor and helps you with career development or make a friend who helps you get your foot in the door at a prestigious company.

Networking also helps you hone your communication skills, which are critical to being a successful leader.

Our SNTs and other events during the semester are designed to help you network, learn from fellow members, and refine your interpersonal skills.

These groups and your chapter leaders can help you stay on track toward your goals, advising you on any roadblocks you might encounter along the way.

Gain Valuable Soft Skills

In addition to learning about yourself and the NSLS, you’ll benefit from an environment that helps you practice and improve soft skills like: 

  • Leading meetings 
  • Communicating and listening
  • Delegating 
  • Goal setting 
  • Time management 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Meeting etiquette
  • Emotional intelligence (EI)

These skills aren’t traditionally taught in a classroom environment; however, they are some of the most important to have and hardest to learn.

Mastering these leadership skills can differentiate you from other job candidates and even help you move up in an organization at a quicker rate. 

Being part of the NSLS gives you a space where you can really focus on growing these skills.

Whether it be through hands-on experience, coaching and mentorship, or learning from live speakers, we have a range of events in our Steps to Induction that can help you become who you want to be.

What’s Next After the Steps to Induction?

After you’ve completed the Steps to Induction, you’re officially an NSLS member. From there, you have a few options but we recommend staying actively involved.

Since we’re the only accredited leadership honor society in the nation, some schools even grant credit reciprocity so you can get the most out of your time in our program. 

If you’re looking for a hands-on leadership opportunity, consider joining your chapter’s Executive Board. You’ll continue learning about your leadership style, and get a chance to take courses and earn certificates that build upon what you’ve already learned.

Ready to join the NSLS? See if your school has a chapter. If your school doesn’t have a chapter, you can always start one through our internship program or join our online chapter.