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Uniting to Fight Antisemitism


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Yuval David is a celebrated actor, host, filmmaker, and advocate. He’s known for his roles in “Madame Secretary,” “The Michael J. Fox show,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “What Would You Do.” He’s also the mastermind behind the Emmy Award-winning project, “One Actor Short,” aimed at uniting the world in a time of divisiveness.

In this episode of Motivational Mondays, David shares how we can all stand united to fight Jewish hatred.

Being Openly Gay and Jewish in Hollywood

David emphasizes that social justice and civil rights are something that everyone must pursue. It’s also part of his Jewish identity. In Judaism, there’s an element of activism by focusing on repairing the world, the soul, and the body. 

David has applied this to his work as an actor, director, and filmmaker. Storytellers in entertainment and media have the power to make the world a better place. He always seeks to entertain, uplift, and inspire by using artistry and creativity. 

Raising Awareness About Hate Crimes

David was recently on Fox News where he discussed a report from the Anti-Defamation League, an organization focused on “fighting hate for good” by compiling reports from the FBI, police departments, and news media.

2022 saw the highest rates of anti-Jewish incidents, including bullying, harassment, threats, and physical violence in public spaces and on social media.

Reports from the ADL and other organizations raise awareness because people aren’t talking about these issues enough. David uses his platform to educate people about what’s happening in the hope others will take action. 

Marginalized Groups Stand United

When people become divided, others must stand together. David is active within the Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance, the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel, and the National Black Empowerment Council. Their voices need to be amplified over the voices of hate.

We Can’t Erase History But We Can Move Forward

We are one human race living in a time where facts are being questioned, so how do we make sure that truth remains protected? How do we combat hate? David says, “By embracing who we are, understanding our past, but empowering our future.” 

Listen to this episode to learn about...

[2:51] How being openly gay and Jewish shapes Yuval’s advocacy.
[5:48] The rise of hate crimes against Jewish people.
[8:40] Why marginalized groups continue to stand united. 
[12:58] Moving beyond the trauma that we’re born with.
[17:53] The danger of erasing or rewriting historic facts.
[22:46] The impact of a tour David took in Charleston.

Listen to the bonus episode to learn about the progress made when people come together and the importance of instilling hope in those who don’t feel appreciated.