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The 9 Steps to Leadership Success Part 2


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Leadership success is a coveted achievement. Leadership books, workbooks, and courses abound. The need for quality leadership has never been greater and Stedman Graham insists that those who first know how to lead themselves are the ones who will successfully lead the way into the future.

In the second part of our conversation, Stedman builds upon his foundational lessons of Identity Leadership with a discussion on the power of reinvention, how to develop a base of supporters, overcoming fear, and how empowering your team can be the catalyst for success. Stedman’s insights prove helpful on a variety of levels. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Reinventing Yourself Requires a Change of Mindset

Anyone can reinvent themselves but it takes intentional reshaping of your mindset. Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that caused it.” To illustrate, Stedman points out the often-repeated excuses we tell ourselves… “I’m the victim… it was so tough when I was growing up… they are discriminating against me because of my skin…” Those voices can really put you into a negative mindset.

Stepping Into a Fearless State of Mind

Every human being needs to learn to overcome their fears. Not only have we grown up with particular fears, we also live in a fear-based society. This makes it normal, but quite counterproductive, for us to live with debilitating caution. Stedman says anybody who is able to overcome fear is a person who has learned the virtue of courage. It’s a step-by-step process every day, working on yourself to overcome the obstacles.

We have to be diligent in our tenacity. During difficult times, we tend to revert to our old patterns of thinking and feeling. Stedman admits that he has to work to overcome fear every day just as anybody else. But he reads, he learns, and he discovers ways to become a victor instead of a victim.

How to Build Your Dream Team

Every leader knows that nobody makes it alone. But to attract a team of people you can depend on is not easy. First, you need to be growing yourself, modeling the kind of person you’re looking to recruit. Then, you have to learn to seek out people who can fill the roles needed for your organization. 

When you find people who share your vision for success, you’re able to provide opportunities for them. They become empowered to develop their skills, grow in their capacities, and become an even greater part of what you’re producing. The beauty of an organization is that you’re able to pull a team together that can fuel your vision as you empower them to succeed.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

  • [00:45] The power of reinvention 
  • [03:40] The importance of having a core base of supporters
  • [06:50] Overcoming fears and self-doubt
  • [09:08] How a team builds long-term success

Listen to the bonus episode to learn why it’s not selfish to work on yourself and why it’s okay to fall as long as you get up and try again.