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Reach Your Goals with a Growth Mindset


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Alan Stein Jr. is an experienced keynote speaker, author, and performance coach. He’s passionate about helping people change their behaviors and spent 15 years working with high-performing athletes. He shares how embracing adaptability and a growth mindset can help you succeed in this episode of Motivational Mondays.

Adjusting your mindset to achieve high performance

Alan teaches principles that help people in every aspect of their life. He was a dedicated athlete who became a dedicated performance coach. He learned that the same principles that made Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Kobe Bryant elite on the court are the ones that help people perform in their personal lives.

The difference between who we are and what we do

What you do cannot be who you are as a human. Anytime you attach your self-worth, confidence, and beliefs to external results, it’s dangerous. When you perform at a high level, you feel great but when you don’t achieve your goals, you feel lousy.

Alan chooses to be process-oriented. He focuses on changing his habits and embracing a growth mindset. If he falls short of a goal, it motivates him to figure out what to do differently. You have to separate who you are from what you do.

The importance of adapting in times of adversity

Great leaders are adaptable. They don’t allow the outer world to dictate their inner world. It’s your job to adapt and persevere. If a minor annoyance derails your whole day, you’ll struggle when life throws you the big stuff. Things will happen that you can’t change but you can control how you respond.

Why you should always be a work in progress

Our beliefs are shaped by our backgrounds and experiences. You must understand that everyone views things differently than you and that you’re each entitled to your own beliefs. Alan embraces a difference in opinion with curiosity and strives to learn why someone believes what they do.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

[0:53] Adjusting your mindset to achieve high performance
[3:45] The difference between who we are and what we do
[9:00] The importance of being adaptable in times of adversity 
[13:03] The power of compassion, forgiveness, and curiosity
[20:00] Why you should always be a work in progress
[22:58] The valuable life lesson Alan learned from Kobe Bryant

Listen to the bonus episode to learn why we should try to positively impact as many people as we can and why leadership will never go out of style.