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How This Top Law Student Overcame Obstacles to Grow as a Leader

We featured Victoria Jones in Members in the News and in our 2021 Year in Review for her hard work earning a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Alabama School of Law, a top 25 law school in the US.

As an undergraduate at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, her focus was on business, leading the charge as an intern for the start-up Brainitz, conducting market research on national organizations, and helping prepare a competitive analysis for an important pitch to the Computing Technology Industry Association

Though she studied marketing and graduated magna cum laude, she always had her sights set on a career as a lawyer, minoring in pre-law. Her leadership skills already extend beyond the classroom, with volunteer efforts under her belt including at the nonprofits One Fair Wage and the Beagle Freedom Project

As a first-year law student, she continues to put in the work to continue to grow as a leader and doesn't plan on letting any obstacles slow her down. "Commit 100 percent to whatever it is you want to do."

She uses perseverance as fuel when things get tough, something she's very familiar with as she progresses through a top flight law program. 

Balancing Both Hard and Soft Skills for Success

We've put the spotlight on several students studying nursing, a major and career that takes immense leadership skills—both hard and soft. Lawyers also need to strike this balance. 

Victoria attributes many factors to her success for sustaining a widespread skill set. A key for her is goal-setting. "I pushed myself every day. Setting goals along the way was really helpful." 

At The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), goal-setting is an important aspect of our leadership development program. During the Steps to Induction, members identify their goals and work on a realistic plan of action to achieve them. Through Success Networking Team meetings, members meet to discuss those goals and hold each other accountable.  

Victoria developed a wide range of skills, which she credits as the keys to reaching her goals. "The most important skill I used was perseverance. Seriously, never give up! Also, being responsible and self-disciplined. It's important to know yourself and know that you're capable of accomplishing what you set out to achieve."

She hits on an important truth. We've seen many members and Speaker Broadcast guests talk about doubling down on your strengths and being your authentic self no matter what. When you try to become someone you're not, or try and embody an ideal job candidate, people will quickly sniff out that inauthenticity. 

Maybe no one in history stuck more to her true self than Victoria's role model. "I look up to Rosa Parks. One simple 'no' changed history, but someone needed to be the first one to say it."

By knowing yourself, you'll better understand your goals, what you want to accomplish in the short-term and the long-term, and become an empowering voice for others.

Victoria's Advice for Future Leaders

With a clear-head, a clear vision, and the skills to set yourself apart from the competition, you'll still face incredible obstacles.

Victoria advises to never let what may seem like an insurmountable obstacle get in the way of the roadmap you create for yourself. "Never give up and don't be afraid to take risks on your journey. Anything is truly possible."

When asked how she sees leadership in a broader context, she describes it as a revolving door, letting others in after you. "Leadership, to me, is setting an example for others through your own actions." By setting that example, more leaders will follow. 

As for what's next, she looks forward to taking her leadership skills into the world of law. "My next goals are to get a judicial clerkship after law school and begin work as an attorney."

With her experience and education in business, she plans on pursuing business law. Wherever she takes her positive attitude and leadership skills in the future, she will persevere. 

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