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Leadership Library Selection: You Got Anything Stronger?

Gabrielle Union is many things—a celebrity, mother, activist, and great memoirist. In the continuation to her first book, We're Going to Need More Wine, she's opening up even more about the obstacles she’s faced and how she always emerges full of gratitude in, You Got Anything Stronger?

The former NSLS Speaker Broadcast guest is an inspiration to women, mothers, minorities, and anyone who wants to use their voice to fight injustice and lift others up. She also brings the same wit, passion, and intelligence to her writing that shines through the screen in some of her most iconic film performances.


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Embracing Vulnerability as Your Superpower 

When Union finished writing We're Going to Need More Wine, she knew she had more to say. But she wasn't ready to fully embrace her vulnerability until she was able to see it as her superpower and not something pulling her down.

Through therapy and healing, she was ready to begin the next chapter in her life, which led to You Got Anything Stronger? These empowering stories cover a range of topics, like discovering your inner strength, battling inequality, and motherhood. 

After a long journey with fertility struggles and losing count of the number of miscarriages she had, she welcomed Kaavia James Union Wade into the world via surrogacy and is being open about the journey.

Her book delivers a positive message to anyone, but especially those facing hardships and adversity. The throughline of each story is that despite the many obstacles she faced, it always ends with compassion

Leadership is multifaceted, but one truth that continually comes up among the most successful leaders is that all their stories are full of obstacles. The key is embracing them, embracing failure, and embracing your authentic self—and using that honesty and authenticity as fuel to move forward.

Key Takeaways: You got anything stronger?

In her book, Union writes about: 

  • The universality of feeling alone and how to still feel joy.
  • The struggles and hilarity of raising two strong girls.
  • How she uses her platform to lift others up through activism.
  • The challenges she faces as a Black woman, especially in the entertainment industry.
  • The conversation she'd have today with her character from Bring It On.
  • How to discover true strength by understanding your true self.

Get Gabrielle Union's follow-up to We're Going to Need More Wine and learn how to turn seemingly insurmountable obstacles into the life you envision.