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Gary Tuerack

Gary Tuerack

Founder and Chief Visionary

Gary Tuerack is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of the NSLS. He helps set the course for the NSLS and ensures the organization stays true to its overall mission toward making lasting positive change in people’s lives. Over the past 20 years, he has led the organization as President and then transitioned to Chief Visionary Officer where he continues to offer guidance for the NSLS. He is committed to the NSLS being a force of good and inspiring positive change in the world.

After graduating from Cornell University, Gary began his career as a professional speaker, imparting knowledge that had made a difference in his life on the topics of faster reading, memory improvement, and going after your dreams. He quickly built that business, delivering over 100 presentations a year, and was invited to speak at Harvard, Cornell, and MIT. He was also nominated by the National Association of Campus Activities as the best lecturer of the year.

Gary’s desire continues to be leading an organization where people looking to live a fulfilling and successful life could join other goal-oriented people in a supportive community. As part of that community, members receive training and motivation, along with the key components of continuity and accountability to help them create long-term positive change.

The core philosophy of the NSLS was and still is, “We achieve more together than we do alone.” The guiding question upon which the organization was founded is, “How can we help the greatest number of people in the greatest way?”