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Exploring Student Engagement in Hybrid, Remote, and In-Person Environments

The debate over hybrid, remote, and in-person learning environments has been raging for quite a while, but what do students think? 

The Science of Leadership team came upon a new study by Anthology that suggests there’s a large gap between what students want and what higher-ed leadership is planning.

Over 60 percent of students say they prefer hybrid learning options. On the other hand, an increasing number of schools say they plan on eliminating virtual options altogether by 2025. 

But what’s best for students and how can administrators deliver an amazing experience in hybrid, remote, and in-person environments?

We recently sat down with Dr. Melody Rawlings, Clarissa Lang, and Dr. Kevin Lovelace for a panel discussion all about student engagement across modalities and what administrators can do to continue providing top-notch student experiences. 

Watch The Discussion:

In the discussion, our panelists speak on:

  • The disconnect between student wants and student success.

  • How to bolster student engagement across learning environments.

  • Best practices for hybrid, remote, and in-person learning.

  • Ways to deliver a great student experience across modalities.

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Ready to dig deeper? Read the new study in its entirety. You can also read how the pandemic has impacted Gen Z's soft skills here.

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