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Leadership Library Selection: Clearer, Closer, Better

College is a time of transformation—a pivotal period when you shape your identity and chart your path. Amidst the whirlwind of choices and challenges, Emily Balcetis' "Clearer, Closer, Better: How Successful People See the World" helps students — and anyone looking to reach their goals — perceive the world differently to be able to succeed.

Emily Balcetis is a distinguished psychologist renowned for her groundbreaking research in perception, motivation, and goal achievement. Her insights have not only earned her academic acclaim but also helped countless individuals navigate life's complexities, particularly underserved communities with economic disadvantages, first-generation students, and other underrepresented groups

In "Clearer, Closer, Better," you'll learn how and when to either narrow or broaden your focus to accomplish small and large goals.GET THE BOOK

Balcetis begins by exploring the transformative power of perception. She delves into the idea that how you see the world profoundly impacts your actions and outcomes. Think of it as a mental lens—adjust it right, and the path to success becomes clearer, closer, and better.

Seeing Is Achieving

For Balcetis, it's all about managing how you see the world before you. By setting perceptual goals, you'll optimize the path to achieving the real goals you set out to achieve. 

These are the mental adjustments that shape your behavior. When your mind is in sync with your goals, you're more likely to succeed. Balcetis takes the reader through various scenarios to further her point and help you conquer the mental roadblocks you either know or don't know are hindering your growth. 

A great example from the book is about Joan Benoit Samuelson, the first-ever female Olympic marathon champion. Samuelson wouldn't focus on the 26.2 miles ahead of her; instead, she would focus on one runner at a time. Once she'd pass that runner, she'd focus on the next. With this example, you see how narrowing your focus can increase your ability to accomplish a larger goal. 

Balcetis shares many more real-world examples of successful people who harness their perceptual agility to finish whatever their marathon may be, whether in entrepreneurship, art, politics, and any other field or industry. 

Gaining a better understanding of perception will clear the path ahead, help you see the world differently, and inspire you to buck trends and be your authentic self while accomplishing the goals in front of you.

Key Takeaways from "Clearer, Closer, Better"

In her book, Balcetis writes about: 

  • Aligning your mental lens with your goals for greater results
  • Breaking down tasks into manageable steps to streamline your path to success
  • Visualization strategies successful people have in their perceptual toolbox
  • Normalizing failure and recalling shortcomings to remember why you failed
  • Holding yourself accountable and dismissing distractions to achieve small goals
  • Broadening your lens and seeing opportunity where you might not have before

Reframe the way you perceive your goals with Emily Balcetis' "Clearer, Closer, Better: How Successful People See the World," and gain a better understanding of how you can get ahead more efficiently.