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Compassionate Leaders Empower Others


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Magalie René is a confidence and compassion expert, executive coach, CEO of Workplace Catalyst, and host of The “C” Word. She empowers organizations, executives, and entrepreneurs to become emotionally intelligent leaders.

Learn how compassionate leadership makes an impact personally and professionally in this episode of Motivational Mondays.

Developing Compassionate Leadership in the Workplace

Workplace Catalyst’s tagline is, “The future of work is compassionate.” Everyone’s dealing with upheavals in their lives and the last few years have made it clear that a different level of leadership is required. 

Magalie emphasizes that we can’t be effective if we don’t choose compassion. Her company facilitates conversations about compassionate leadership through training, workshops, and programs at every level in an organization.

Compassionate Leaders Care about DEIB

Diversity and inclusion isn’t something extra that you have to do, but it’s fundamental to the kind of world you want to live in. We need to make sure that we’re addressing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and increasing the amount of marginalized groups in the workplace. 

These groups need to be trained so they’re getting the same level of opportunity and are prepared for that opportunity. Compassionate leaders must also identify the things that need to be done to help them succeed.

Obstacles that Keep People from Being Confident

Magalie experienced imposter syndrome for many years. As a first-generation American, she was taught that she had to be the very best. Because of this, she became a high achiever and struggled with perfectionism.

When she joined the corporate world, no one looked like her and she felt like she wasn’t seen or respected as a Black woman. She felt like she constantly needed to prove herself and held on to the belief that she had to be the best. 

She notes that everyone from every background experiences imposter syndrome. Different people experience different feelings for different reasons, but it shows up differently for everyone. Workplace Catalyst strives to help individuals get to the heart of the matter in a fun and experiential way.

Listen to this episode to learn about...

[0:52] What emotional intelligence is
[2:59] How to have difficult conversations with others
[5:02] Developing compassionate leadership in the workplace
[7:40] Helping companies bring diversity to the workplace
[10:24] Navigating imposter syndrome effectively
[18:15] Obstacles that keep people from being confident
[24:35] Making a positive impact through compassion

Listen to the bonus episode to learn the role accountability plays in successful leadership and why it’s better to ask permission before giving your opinion.